Film Review: Pitch Perfect

Directed by Jason Moore
Starring Anna Kendrick, Skylar Astin and Rebel Wilson

When popular series Glee started it was dark, edgy, smart and funny… then it got popular and it all went downhill. It’s a shame that a TV show that showed so much potential couldn’t stand up against the pressure of Fox wanting to keep the parents of its tweenaged fans happy. Pitch Perfect allows us a glimpse into what Glee could have been if it had kept its edge. Beca (Kendrick), a rebellious college student joins the campus all girls a cappella group to keep her professor dad happy. Could the rag tag group of singers warm Beca’s heart and help her find what she’s looking for in life? Of course they can.

Screenwriter Kay Cannon cut her teeth working on TV for shows like 30 Rock and from the humour on display here, it seems she must be one of the stronger links for that show. This script is hilarious, there seemed to be at least a big laugh every two minutes. Most of the laughs come from the character of Fat Amy played wonderfully by Rebel Wilson, her deadpan delivery and bizarre lines will help this character go down in history as one of the more memorable females in comedy. There are also big laughs to be had with characters played by Elizabeth Banks (also producer) and John Michael Higgins as the funniest commentators since Dodgeball, also Adam DeVine and Hana Mae Lee are remarkably memorable in smaller roles.

It’s nice to see Anna Kendrick finally take centre stage after shining so brightly in supporting roles in films like Up in the Air, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World and even The Twilight Saga. She handles the leading role well, being both engaging and charming, just like she’s always been, she’s got true movie star potential and will definitely be around for a long time. Skylar Astin, as her love interest, is also charming and funny; he clearly has a lot of charisma that many young actors are severely lacking in. Sadly Kendrick is weighed down with the weakest plot line in the film, which involves her father who seems to be more of a dick than the loving dad the script assumes he is.

The music is also infectious. Any film that can take a Miley Cyrus song and turn it into one of its more memorable scene clearly deserves a lot of recognition. The performances throughout the film are filled with energy, talent and fun that makes the audience want to stand up and cheer once they’re over. The girl group is given the better songs but all the performances are tiptop that you don’t really care about the content.

Whilst elements of the plot are hit and miss, all the jokes are massive hits that you can forgive its weaker elements. The cast is wonderful and the script is a breath of fresh air. It takes a plot what is usually reserved for dance movies and mixes it up for great results. It’s entirely deserving of its title.


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