Film Review: Cuban Fury

Cuban-Fury-UK-Quad-Poster-585x380Directed by James Griffiths

Starring Nick Frost, Rashida Jones & Chris O’Dowd

One of the factors that made The World’s End inferior to its Cornetto brethren, is that Nick Frost had his clown boots replaced with straight-man shoes. Regardless, he was still the best bit of what was a funny but extremely flawed movie, with his seemingly limitless endearment proving to be a vital ingredient. Fans of the cuddly comic should celebrate the release of Cuban Fury – a genuinely likeable comedy that places him atop the leading man podium for the first time.

Frost is Bruce Garrett, an underachieving every-man with a long-dormant passion for salsa dancing. When his new boss turns out to be American angel Julia (Jones) and her hobby happens to be Bruce’s childhood passion, he realises that there’s no other choice but to dust off his old skills and return to the dance floor. Of course, nothing is ever that simple and slime ball colleague (O’Dowd) assigns himself the mission of cock-blocking our pudgy protagonist.

Joining Bruce on his personal journey are sister (Olivia Colman), best mate Gary (Rory Kinnear), ex instructor (Ian McShane) and flamboyant dance class buddy (a hilarious Kavan Novak). This supporting cast is a joy to behold, each of them bringing their own British charm along by the bucket load. But even without such an entourage of British talent behind him, Frost would still hold his own in the limelight. His comedic timing and delivery is as reliable as ever here, and he brings the Average Joe persona a lovable warmth.

Like the bulk of underdog stories the direction it heads in is predictable and it’s central premise is basic. With this type of formula it’s imperative that the material is funny enough to bring a belly laugh with every beat and thankfully the film succeeds in this department. Cuban Fury isn’t earth shattering, that much should be obvious from the poster, but it boasts so much breathless energy and wit that it reduces its rom-com competition to ashes beneath its fiery heels.



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